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How does the dairy sector share its growth? : An analysis of the flow-on benefits of dairy's revenue generation

A report to Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ). Read more

International regulatory cooperation: Case studies and lessons learnt

A report for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Read more

Distributional aspects of New Zealand's tradable and non-tradable sectors

A report for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Read more

NZIER submission on the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill

NZIER recently made a submission to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee on proposed changes to the Overseas Investment Act to ban foreign buyers of existing New Zealand homes. Read more

New Zealand services firms' approach to international revenue : a case study of the cloud-computing sector

Treasury and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) asked NZIER to conduct research which investigated how New Zealand Cloud-based companies thought about securing international revenues. In particular Treasury and NZTE were interested in finding out how current practice in market co … Read more

China 2.0 - perspectives on China - NZIER Insight 73

China 2.0 - perspectives on China after the 19th Congress of the Communist Party. Read more

Perspectives on the US economy after 8 months of Trump - NZIER Insight 71

Bipartisan trade policy must be re-established to support Kiwi businesses, NZIER says A new research note from the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) recommends a return to New Zealand’s long-cherished bipartisan trade policy that has been damaged in recent years’ deba … Read more

The benefits of trade

A report for Export New Zealand. Read more

Dairy trade's economic contribution to New Zealand

A report for DCANZ. Read more

Why Mexico won't pay for Trump's wall - NZIER Insight 68

President Trump's plan to "make Mexico pay" for his border wall by potentially imposing a 20% tariff on all US imports from Mexico ignores basic economics. US households - and particularly low- to middle-class households - will end up bearing the brunt of these tariffs, and both the U … Read more

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