Latest publications

Addressing critical gaps in the government’s open data investments - a Public Good Programme study

Big data – the application of large dataset to generate new insights about how to solve complex problems – has the potential to generate transformational change. New Zealand, like other Governments, has a number of initiatives currently underway to open up New Zealand government-held … Read more

Bilateral Arbitration Treaty Regime : An economic analysis

Non-NZIER authors Metha Wongcharupan and Georgia Whelan. Read more

The road less travelled - NZIER Insight 59

The announcement that central government is prepared to fund the construction of Auckland’s City Rail Link (CRL) has, once again, placed the issue of how to pay for infrastructure onto the public policy agenda. Read more

Assessing the stock of regulation : a tool for regulatory stewards

This paper presents a new approach for systematically scanning the existing stock of a regulatory regime and identifying regulations that have a high likelihood of creating, rather than mitigating, market inefficiencies. Read more

Resetting life insurance - analysis of New Zealand market structure

NZIER report to Sovereign Insurance. Read more

The state of the state New Zealand 2016: Social investment for our future

A joint report by Deloitte and NZIER. Read more

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