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Economic impact of Uber Eats: Assessing the impact of Uber Eats on the restaurant sector and the wider New Zealand economy

Uber Eats commissioned NZIER to undertake analysis on the economic contribution of Uber Eats to the New Zealand economy, particularly with regards to participating restaurants.This analysis provides information about the benefits to different industries across New Zealand regions from … Read more

NZIER’s Shadow Board still favour QE over negative OCR for stimulus

We are continuing to seek our Shadow Board members’ views on whether the Official Cash Rate (OCR) should be negative and if the Reserve Bank should expand its quantitative easing (QE). Fewer Board members see further quantitative easing as appropriate over the coming year. This follow … Read more

NZIER Consensus Forecasts show a wide range of forecasts

The latest NZIER Consensus Forecasts continues to show a wide range of forecasts for the economy, reflecting a large degree of uncertainty over the growth outlook. The announcement on 11 August of new COVID-19 cases in the community, and the subsequent return of Auckland to Alert Leve … Read more

Regulators are the new diplomats - the role of IRC in a post-COVID world - NZIER Insight 92

New research shows that the New Zealand Government is deeply imbedded in a complex web of international regulatory cooperation (IRC) arrangements and agreements. Bilateral agreements with Australia predominate including regulatory harmonisation on food standards and the Trans Tasman M … Read more

Is dairy our biggest achievement or yesterday's news? NZIER Insight 91

The dairy industry has proved resilient through the COVID crisis. But what of the future? This paper looks at the dairy industry prospects over the next ten years. We find that the most important challenges are domestic supply side issues (conforming to climate change and water qualit … Read more

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