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To mine or not to mine … - NZIER Insight 15

The government’s proposal to remove 7,058 hectares of land from Schedule 4 restrictions on mining under the Crown Minerals Act, and to investigate further mineral resources on conservation land stirred a strong public response. It pitches the tangible potential gains of mining against … Read more

NZ, the US and trade liberalisation: don't panic! NZIER Insight 14

If one was to believe some of the recent media articles in New Zealand, it would be easy to think that we’re completely mad to be negotiating a free trade agreement with the US. We beg to differ. While no trade deal will keep everyone happy, and some difficult trade-offs will be requi … Read more

Most better off under new tax structure  - NZIER Insight 13

Likely tax changes in the upcoming Budget will leave most households better off. NZIER’s preliminary estimates suggest the median household earning $65,000 a year can be better off by around $12 a week. This is the impact of a likely reduction in personal income tax and increase in GS … Read more

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