Latest publications / Cost-benefit analysis

Rural connectivity: Economic benefits of closing the rural digital divide

Chorus commissioned NZIER to assess the potential benefits of closing the urban-rural digital divide. We consider how digital technology improves how people communicate, work, learn and access services and entertainment. Read more

Eye in the sky: Value of SeaGuardian for fisheries management

A report for Hawke Eye Ltd. Read more

Waste levy extension: estimates of extending and raising the levy

This report was commissioned by the Ministry for the Environment to help assess potential options for changes to the existing landfill levy, which is established under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008. Read more

Review of CBA advice to support budget initiatives

NZIER report to the Treasury on the impact of CBAx and lessons for future budget processes. Read more

Falling from heights: Cost benefit analysis of scaffolding for single storey houses

A report commissioned by BRANZ and funded by the Building Research Levy. Read more

Stretching runway numbers: Review of cost benefit analysis of proposed Wellington Airport runway extension

A report for BARNZ. Read more

The host with the most? Rethinking the costs and benefits of hosting major events - NZIER Insight 40

Hosting large events like the Rugby World Cup are expensive undertakings. That makes value-for-money evaluation critical. But most impact event analysis doesn't stack up, missing displacement effects. It means benefits are often far smaller than people think. Read more

Economic assessment of Chatham Rock Phosphate : input to environmental impact assessment

Chatham Rock Phosphate is investigating a phosphate-mining project (the CRP project). NZIER have been asked to analyse the impacts of the CRP project on the New Zealand economy. This report documents an investigation of the economy-wide, monetary costs and benefits, with further consi … Read more

COOL revisited : benefit cost analysis of Country of Origin Labelling : discussion draft for Food Standards Australia and New Zealand

This report revises a previous analysis of benefits and costs of implementing proposal P292 on Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) in light of revision of the options for implementation, and information gained from new submissions and consultations with affected parties. It has been co … Read more

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