Latest publications

Freight futures : long term sea freight scenarios

We explored the role of freight transport policy in the promotion of economic growth by conducting an initial examination of the specific aspects of sea freight movements in the New Zealand context both domestically and internationally. The question we wish to address is how can polic … Read more

Realistic valuations of our clean green assets - NZIER Insight 19

Would you pay over $300 to ensure native birds remain at a single lake, even if you lived far away? Maybe, or maybe not. But recent debates on mining and hydro-power developments show comparing the benefit of different uses of environmental assets is both difficult and controversial. … Read more

Save now, prosper later : Increasing New Zealand’s savings rate - a preliminary dynamic CGE analysis

This paper uses NZIER’s dynamic Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model of the New Zealand economy to conduct a preliminary investigation into how an increase in New Zealand’s national savings would affect New Zealand’s GDP and living standards. We do not specify how this increase … Read more

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