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COVID-19: The recovery ahead - NZIER Insight 88

New Zealand has managed the COVID-19 outbreak with relative success, in terms of containing infection rates and deaths. This has seen New Zealand move down alert levels over the past few weeks as we achieved zero active cases, with restrictions relaxed but the border closed. However, … Read more

Impacts of local alcohol policies – Analysis of changes in spending at venues selling alcohol

A report for the Health Promotion Agency. Read more

Using big data and economics to understand and improve wellbeing - NZIER Insight 81

Wellbeing and data are increasingly at the heart of government policy-making. This Insight shows how economic explanations for behaviour, combined with large datasets, can inform policy. Read more

The Fiscal Responsibility Act 1994: The astonishing success of a weak non-binding policy

The Fiscal Responsibility Act 1994 (FRA) shouldn’t have worked to cement fiscal discipline into the New Zealand budgeting practices, the wider political discourse and become part of New Zealand’s constitution. Read more

Review of CBA advice to support budget initiatives

NZIER report to the Treasury on the impact of CBAx and lessons for future budget processes. Read more

Immigration : doing the right thing for the right reasons - NZIER Insight 76

The new Government's plans to reduce immigration are a welcome first step towards an immigration system that improves New Zealand's wellbeing, the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research said today. Read more

Making early intervention work - NZIER Insight 75

It's out with the old and in with the new. National's Social Investment approach is being replaced with a focus on Early Intervention. But the new government's focus should be on using evidence to support timely, if not always early, intervention. The health sector's experience with s … Read more

Keeping the bastards honest - NZIER Inisght 72

We think voters should be given better information about the fiscal consequences of political parties' election promises. We offer some observations and suggestions on how. Read more

Is it finally time to reduce the number of district health boards? NZIER Insight 69

New Zealand has 20 district health boards (DHBs) for a population of less than 5 million. Because of a lack of transparency, we do not know the costs of administering DHBs. But prima facie evidence suggests it is time to consolidate DHBs and free up administrative resources to use for … Read more

Durable policy approaches: framework development and brief literature review - NZIER public discussion paper 2016/2

NZIER, as part of its public good programme, explores important policy issues that have emerged from our economic analysis and advice. Read more

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