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The price is right : land prices can help guide land use regulation

House prices continue to reach new heights, pricing many younger families out of home ownership and reducing the capacity for some cities to accommodate productive workers. Land supply, initially carefully planned to keep up with demographic forecasts, has been crimped by a combinatio … Read more

El Niño: don't scare the cows - NZIER Insight 53

This summer will be a scorcher. MetService is forecasting the most severe El Niño in over 20 years. Past El Niño events have hit farmers hard and tipped New Zealand into recession. But farming today is not the farming of yesteryear and we need to examine local conditions one region at … Read more

Speed dating central bank style - NZIER Insight 52

From next year, the Reserve Bank will let go one chance each year to meet and set interest rates. That means the Reserve Bank could easily fall behind the run rate on the interest rate settings required to manage the economy. The Reserve Bank is also tweaking when they meet to try and … Read more

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