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Trans-Tasman relationship close, but could be closer - NZIER Inisght 50

New Zealand and Australia share many things: a tariff-free border, a free labour market, joint institutions, hosting rights to the Cricket World Cup 2015 (go the Black Caps!) and a mutual distaste for English rugby. Ahead of the 10th Australia-New Zealand Leadership Forum in Auckland … Read more

Regional economic integration : more than one way to skin a cat - NZIER Insight 38

Recent angst about trade agreements challenging domestic regulatory power distracts from an undeniable truth: the international implications of domestic regulatory settings have never been more important for New Zealand businesses. Rather than fighting it, New Zealand policymakers and … Read more

The evolving NZ-US trade relationship : selected case studies

NZIER contributed the trade and investment chapter of the book Pacific Partners - The future of U.S.-New Zealand Relations, published by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington DC and the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs (NZIIA) in Welling … Read more

New Zealand-Russia FTA : Another BRIIC in the wall - NZIER Insight 21

The Prime Minister and Trade Minister have announced that New Zealand will be entering free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan (RBK) with the aim of concluding talks in 2012. NZIER modelling indicates the FTA will deliver gains of around $27 million … Read more

NZ, the US and trade liberalisation: don't panic! NZIER Insight 14

If one was to believe some of the recent media articles in New Zealand, it would be easy to think that we’re completely mad to be negotiating a free trade agreement with the US. We beg to differ. While no trade deal will keep everyone happy, and some difficult trade-offs will be requi … Read more

East Asian economic integration: a shot in the arm for the New Zealand economy - NZIER Insight 11

NZIER economic modelling shows that the New Zealand economy would benefit significantly from being included in a free trade agreement with East Asian countries. An ambitious agreement that covers trade in goods, services, investment and encourages trade facilitation and competition co … Read more

Border taxes: should New Zealand be worried? NZIER Insight 7

A number of countries are talking about introducing border taxes to protect their local industry from imports from countries that have no or soft policies to tackle climate change. This is a risk to New Zealand’s exports, but overseas consumer perceptions of the sustainability of good … Read more

NZ exports - more diverse than commonly thought - NZIER Insight 6

New Zealand businesses offer a wide range of products that are competitive in the global market. The days of New Zealand being the ‘market garden’ for the United Kingdom disappeared in the 1960’s. The size of our dairy and meat export portfolio can fool us into thinking that the non-f … Read more

US and EU dairy subsidies risks - NZIER Insight 1

New dairy subsidies are a worry for New Zealand farmers. Read more

COOL revisited : benefit cost analysis of Country of Origin Labelling : discussion draft for Food Standards Australia and New Zealand

This report revises a previous analysis of benefits and costs of implementing proposal P292 on Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) in light of revision of the options for implementation, and information gained from new submissions and consultations with affected parties. It has been co … Read more

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