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Economic effects of hearing loss: 2023 update

The New Zealand Hearing Industry Association commissioned NZIER to update our 2020 report, which assessed the social costs of hearing loss and evaluated the economic benefits of mitigating some of the effects of hearing loss. Read more

Valuing the indeterminable? Three perspectives on the value proposition of the New Zealand Naval Combat Force

NZIER has developed three approaches to providing an economic value to the Naval Combat Force, including using 1000minds discrete choice experiments and scenario analysis. It shows that non-market valuation techniques can be applied even for something as complex as ANZAC frigates. The … Read more

Unmasking COVID-19’s economic impact: A data-driven analysis of the COVID-19 lockdowns - NZIER working paper 2023-01

COVID-19 has been one of the most significant disruptions to the global economy since the Global Financial Crisis and has changed how we operate. Some trends have returned to normal, but others have permanently changed. Read more

NZIER’s QSBO shows signs of capacity pressures easing in the New Zealand economy - Quarterly Survey of Business Opinion, April 2023

New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (Inc) Media release, 4 April 2023 Read more

Shadow Board recommends a smaller OCR increase of 25 basis points by the Reserve Bank in April

Shadow Board members recommend a smaller hike in the Official Cash Rate (OCR) in the Reserve Bank’s upcoming April Monetary Policy Review. The majority view was an OCR increase of 25 basis points, given inflation pressures are still high in the economy and inflation expectations remai … Read more

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