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Shadow Board members differ in views on the extent of interest rate increases

New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (Inc) Media release For release 10 am Monday, 23 May 2022 There is a wide range of views within the Shadow Board over how much the Reserve Bank should increase interest rates, particularly for the coming year. The majority view amongst Shadow … Read more

Shadow Board is divided over whether the RBNZ should hike by 50bp

The Shadow Board is sharply divided over how much the Reserve Bank should increase the Official Cash Rate (OCR) at the April meeting, with views split over whether the OCR should increase by 25 or 50 basis points. The surge in inflation pressures has led to growing calls for the Reser … Read more

NZIER Consensus Forecasts show a mixed growth outlook amidst higher inflation - Consensus Forecasts, March 2022

The latest NZIER Consensus Forecasts show an upward revision to the near-term growth outlook for the New Zealand economy, but softer growth is forecast for the subsequent year. These revisions reflect recent activity indicators, suggesting that while the New Zealand economy weathered … Read more

Fast-forwarding technology to address climate change - NZIER Insight 100

New Zealand has committed to reducing carbon emissions and working with other countries to avert the worst impacts of climate change. How the country intends to do this is not clear. Read more

Shadow Board calls for substantial tightening over the coming year

The Shadow Board is calling for a sharp increase in the official cash rate (OCR) over the coming year in the face of intensifying inflation pressures. Read more

NZIER Consensus Forecasts show weaker near-term outlook

The latest NZIER Consensus Forecasts show a downward revision to the near-term outlook for the New Zealand economy. This largely reflects the expected impact of restrictions to contain the latest COVID-19 community outbreak, which turned out to persist for longer than initially expect … Read more

2021 Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister

Today the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research Incorporated (NZIER) has released its 2021 Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister. Read more

Intense inflation pressures drive calls for higher interest rates

The Shadow Board is overwhelmingly calling for a tightening in monetary policy, primarily through higher interest rates. However, this view was not unanimous, with Shadow Board members in the business community who were more cautious about further tightening at the upcoming meeting. T … Read more

Declining maths scores is a problem for the New Zealand economy - NZIER Insight 98 & 99

New Zealand’s school maths scores are declining. A solution put forward the Royal Society expert panel commissioned to investigate our poor maths performance is an increase in specialist maths skills in the teaching profession. Although the education sector could increase teacher skil … Read more

The trade implications of Mr Biden for New Zealand - NZIER Insight 97

Or what does the Chinese Century mean for New Zealand? The United States has structured world trade over the past 70 years in a way that has been positive for New Zealand. Now that the United States has relinquished its lead trading position, how will Mr Biden behave on trade policy? … Read more

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