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The economic benefits of taxi

Taxi is an innovation in business financing that creates a new source of capital at lower costs than bank lending, using the provisional tax framework. Read more

Inflation and migration: Theory, evidence and implications for the Monetary Policy Committee

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand engaged NZIER to undertake a targeted literature review on the relationship between inflation and migration and the implications for monetary policy. Read more

Valuing the Hauraki Gulf: An ecosystem services and natural capital approach

The Hauraki Gulf Forum commissioned NZIER economists Peter Clough, Michael Bealing and Ting Huang to provide a top-down assessment of the Gulf’s natural capital using a Total Economic Value framework and an Ecosystem Services approach. Read more

Valuing the indeterminable? Three perspectives on the value proposition of the New Zealand Naval Combat Force

NZIER has developed three approaches to providing an economic value to the Naval Combat Force, including using 1000minds discrete choice experiments and scenario analysis. It shows that non-market valuation techniques can be applied even for something as complex as ANZAC frigates. The … Read more

Working together: Re-focusing public accountability to achieve better lives

In reviewing the economics of accountability, we look at how the system of public accountability in Aotearoa New Zealand can contribute to increasing the productivity and effectiveness of the social assistance system, with a focus on addressing persistent disadvantage. Read more

Brewing in New Zealand: The economic contribution of the brewing industry in 2022

The New Zealand brewing industry is valued at $3.3 billion in the year to September 2022. On-licence sales account for 64% of the estimated value of $2.1 billion, and off-licence sales account for the remaining 36% at $1.2 billion. Read more

Community pharmaceuticals : Expenditure trends

NZIER report to Medicines New Zealand. Read more

Rural connectivity: Economic benefits of closing the rural digital divide

Chorus commissioned NZIER to assess the potential benefits of closing the urban-rural digital divide. We consider how digital technology improves how people communicate, work, learn and access services and entertainment. Read more

KiwiSaver equity for women: Building long-term financial wellbeing

This report coincided with the 15-year review of KiwiSaver by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment. The intent of the report was to assist policy makers by deliberately exploring and providing opportunities to get more equitable settings in place. Read more

How do Kiwis want buildings to perform during and after an earthquake?

A policy brief for NZSEE Project on Resilient Buildings. Read more

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