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Hi ho silver lining? What firms need to think about as New Zealand ages

As the population ages, a number of economic trends will emerge that put pressure on profits. On the cost side, an increase in competition for skilled workers will push wages up. Revenue will also be affected as demand shifts in favour of products that older people use and consume. Th … Read more

NZ is no Greece or Italy, but needs to face up to long term issues - NZIER Insight 41

Like much of the world, New Zealand's economy is still feeling the lingering consequences of the global financial crisis and the hang-over of its own asset price bubble. The economy is recovering slowly. In the last few years, households have spent cautiously and paid down mortgages. … Read more

Golden years? The impacts of New Zealand's ageing on wages, interest rates, wealth and macroeconomy

New Zealand is ageing. The number of old people will increase three-fold and will soon comprise a very large segment of society. Ageing will shrink the labour supply relative to the size of the population and the existing supply of capital. That has implications for wages and interest … Read more

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