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IANZ: the economic side : Examining the way IANZ supports the New Zealand economy

A report to IANZ. Independent Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) asked NZIER to describe and quantify their role in supporting New Zealand's economy.  Read more

NZIER Consensus Forecasts points to continued momentum in the economy

The latest NZIER Consensus Forecasts shows a modestly softer growth outlook in the near term compared to the last quarter’s release, but an upward revision from 2019. Overall, the forecasts point to continued momentum in the New Zealand economy. Read more

Plantation forestry statistics : contribution of forestry to New Zealand

NZIER report to New Zealand Forest Growers Association and New Zealand Farm Foresters Association funded by the Forest Growers Levy Trust Read more

NZIER Consensus Forecasts says growth outlook still solid

The latest NZIER Consensus Forecasts shows growth forecasts have been revised up from 2018, while inflation forecasts are broadly unchanged relative to the previous quarter. Read more

Growing up in Auckland? Mapping drivers of residential land growth

In this paper we decomposed growth in residential land into population growth, household size, and land use per capita. We found that the growth in residential land between 1996 and 2013 was identical to the rate of population growth: 28%. Population density has not change significant … Read more

Digital Nation New Zealand : from a tech sector to digital nation

A report for NZTech. Read more

Assessing forecast performance

The Reserve Bank today published a Bulletin article documenting the performance of the Bank’s forecasts over the period 2009 to 2015. Read more

Addressing critical gaps in the government’s open data investments - a Public Good Programme study

Big data – the application of large dataset to generate new insights about how to solve complex problems – has the potential to generate transformational change. New Zealand, like other Governments, has a number of initiatives currently underway to open up New Zealand government-held … Read more

Costly investment decisions require improved population forecasts - NZIER Insight 47

Investing wisely today for the New Zealand of tomorrow requires a detailed understanding of how many people there will be and where we will work and live. Billions of dollars of infrastructure spending are at stake. Yet past estimates of New Zealand's population, on which these invest … Read more

Economic assessment of Chatham Rock Phosphate : input to environmental impact assessment

Chatham Rock Phosphate is investigating a phosphate-mining project (the CRP project). NZIER have been asked to analyse the impacts of the CRP project on the New Zealand economy. This report documents an investigation of the economy-wide, monetary costs and benefits, with further consi … Read more

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