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2021 Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister

Today the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research Incorporated (NZIER) has released its 2021 Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister. Read more

Transforming lives and saving money

A report to Kidney Health NZ. Read more

Intense inflation pressures drive calls for higher interest rates

The Shadow Board is overwhelmingly calling for a tightening in monetary policy, primarily through higher interest rates. However, this view was not unanimous, with Shadow Board members in the business community who were more cautious about further tightening at the upcoming meeting. T … Read more

Declining maths scores is a problem for the New Zealand economy - NZIER Insight 98 & 99

New Zealand’s school maths scores are declining. A solution put forward the Royal Society expert panel commissioned to investigate our poor maths performance is an increase in specialist maths skills in the teaching profession. Although the education sector could increase teacher skil … Read more

The trade implications of Mr Biden for New Zealand - NZIER Insight 97

Or what does the Chinese Century mean for New Zealand? The United States has structured world trade over the past 70 years in a way that has been positive for New Zealand. Now that the United States has relinquished its lead trading position, how will Mr Biden behave on trade policy? … Read more

The tale of Goldilocks and the three fears (about the minimum wage) - Insight 96

The minimum wage is a ‘Goldilocks’ policy: not too high, not too low. A political consensus on the role and appropriate level of the minimum wage is both possible and desirable. Read more

Lockdown divides Shadow Board’s views on tightening

The Shadow Board has become divided over its views on what should happen with monetary policy at the October Monetary Policy Review. This is due to the ongoing lockdown in Auckland to contain the COVID-19 community outbreak and heightened uncertainty over the economic outlook. Read more

NZIER Consensus Forecasts show mixed outlook as uncertainty over the impact of latest COVID-19 community outbreak looms

The latest NZIER Consensus Forecasts show a downward revision to the near-term outlook for the  New  Zealand economy but an upward revision for the subsequent year. The latest community outbreak of COVID-19 is likely to have driven these revisions, as the recent lockdown reduces econo … Read more

Eye in the sky: Value of SeaGuardian for fisheries management

A report for Hawke Eye Ltd. Read more

NZIER’s Shadow Board calls for tightening at the upcoming meeting

The Shadow Board overwhelmingly calls for a tightening in monetary policy at the August Monetary Policy Statement, with many noting an OCR increase would be appropriate. That said, there remained a wide range of views amongst the Shadow Board. Recent developments point to a rise in in … Read more

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