Global value networks: how to succeed in business without worrying about scale, distance or thin networks

February 17, 2016

Two reports for the New Zealand Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (NZPECC).

The New Zealand Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (NZPECC) has released two NZIER research reports into Global Value Chains (GVCs) and Global Value Networks. Both reports focus on how Kiwi firms operate in the modern global economy, and how policy can hinder or support their growth.

This report uses Global Value Network (GVN) analysis to focus on two hi-tech businesses and one Knowledge Intensive Service firm, all with impressive records of participation in value networks sustained over many years. The outcome of this research is very encouraging. The case studies show that New Zealand firms can and do succeed in the hi-tech global economy despite the challenges of scale, distance and thin markets. Their success is possible because they have a sophisticated understanding of the factors which enable international firms to sustain their presence in GVNs. 

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Agriculture and food and beverage GVC considerations.

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