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Sitting down on the job - NZIER Insight 51

New Zealand is now one of the most obese countries in the world. The impact on our health comes with substantial economic costs. A range of factors are known to be important, with changes in diet being fingered as one of the culprits. Another less obvious factor is that the economic t … Read more

Private health insurance : an expanding role in the future of health care?

Health care costs have been rising over many decades, and will continue to do so according to Treasury projections. Health care spending is taking up more and more of government spending and revenue - this cannot continue forever. In the future, there will be pressures to increase rev … Read more

Commit to quit : control the devil in your future -NZIER Insight 35

Breaking an addiction is difficult: only about 3% of smokers who go cold turkey manage to successfully quit. New research by behavioural economists shows that getting people to make a financial bet on their success could lift those rates by over half again. Economists at NZIER think i … Read more

Fix flawed values of statistical life and life years to get better policy outcomes - NZIER Insight 16

When taxpayers' money is spent on health and safety measures in transport and healthcare services, the decisions made implicitly or explicitly place values on saving lives and casualties. In recent years there has been a move towards using standard measures of these values so that the … Read more

CMDHB : health service needs and labour force projections - implications of a growing and ageing population

In 2005/2006 NZIER undertook a series of studies for Counties Manakau DHB, designed to create informed decisions behind actions to develop the Health Workforce in the DHB's area. The following reports have been published jointly by the DHB and the NZIER and can be accessed via the att … Read more

Bio-pharmaceuticals - a pathway to economic growth?

Report to the Researched Medicines Industry. This project aims to investigate the possible contribution of the pharmaceutical industry to the development of the bio-pharmaceutical industry in New . Part I Background and theory is by Chris Nixon and Stephen Gale, and Part II The New Ze … Read more

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