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High food prices will harm the New Zealand economy - NZIER Insight 23

Booming foreign demand and adverse weather conditions have led to a significant increase in global food prices. In this Insight, NZIER models the impacts of high food prices on New Zealand and finds that it's not good news for Kiwis. The article also discusses policy implications as w … Read more

Top 10 tunes suggest slow beat for economy into 2011 - NZIER Insight 22

The bands fighting it out for the coveted Christmas No.1 are in tune with the latest forecasts for the economy When we have less money to spend, we not only buy less music, but it seems we also buy different types of music. A recent study of pop music preferences over the past 501 yea … Read more

Flight of the Kiwi : Kiwis fly to Australia in search of a better nest - NZIER Insight 20

The continuous flow of Kiwis to Australia is closely linked to Australia’s economic performance. The big difference in income between Australia and New Zealand is likely to be a major factor. Life style factors and incomes in New Zealand are still appealing enough to attract a healthy … Read more

Freight futures : long term sea freight scenarios

We explored the role of freight transport policy in the promotion of economic growth by conducting an initial examination of the specific aspects of sea freight movements in the New Zealand context both domestically and internationally. The question we wish to address is how can polic … Read more

Most better off under new tax structure  - NZIER Insight 13

Likely tax changes in the upcoming Budget will leave most households better off. NZIER’s preliminary estimates suggest the median household earning $65,000 a year can be better off by around $12 a week. This is the impact of a likely reduction in personal income tax and increase in GS … Read more

Something for nothing - NZIER Insight 9

Why work for zero pay? That's what more than one million New Zealanders actively involved in volunteering do. People do not normally supply their time and effort (outside their family) without being paid. So volunteers are clearly motivated by something other than pay. Understanding t … Read more

The creative sector in New Zealand - mapping and economic role

This report presents an analysis of the creative sector in New Zealand, applying the methodology that the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) calls the Creative Trident to New Zealand data. The objective is to see how much it r … Read more

Looking at the numbers

RM no. 69 by Phil Briggs, 2003 [print only] $20.00 plus gst. Updated August 2007 by Peter Bailey Updated June 2016 by NZIER Read more

The economic benefits of Sister City relationships : report to Sister Cities New Zealand

A study of the economic benefits of sister city relationships in New Zealand. This project involved a scoping survey of 26 local authorities, followed by in-depth case studies of 5 local authorities. A set of best practice guidelines for enhancing the generation of economic benefits f … Read more

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