Looking at the numbers

September 7, 2007

RM no. 69
by Phil Briggs, 2003 [print only] $20.00 plus gst.
Updated August 2007 by Peter Bailey
Updated June 2016 by NZIER

"Looking at the numbers: a view of New Zealand’s economic history", was initially intended to be notes for an introductory course on New Zealand’s economic history. It presents economic data series that go back as far back as possible. Most of the data is presented as long-run charts. The study begins with an overview, chopping New Zealand’s economy history into six periods: Maori settlement, early European colonisation, the rise of farming, war and depression, the long expansion, and dropping off the OECD pace. The study then turns to the data, beginning with population before moving on to major elements of the macroeconomy: GDP, prices, exports and imports, and the labour market. Aspects of the government’s operations are examined and the monograph finishes with a look to the future.

See also our Data1850 website - As part of our Public Good programme, NZIER launched Data1850 in June 2016; an interactive website that allows you to explore, visualise, compare and download long-term economic data for New Zealand.

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