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Plantation forestry statistics : contribution of forestry to New Zealand

NZIER report to New Zealand Forest Growers Association and New Zealand Farm Foresters Association funded by the Forest Growers Levy Trust Read more

Dairy trade's economic contribution to New Zealand

A report for DCANZ. Read more

Pacific economic trends and snapshot 2016

A report for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Read more

Pacific Cultural Centre feasibility study

The Ministry of Pacific Peoples (MPP) wishes to explore the feasibility of establishing a dedicated multi-purpose Pacific Culture Centre (PCC) facility in Auckland. Through such a viable multi-purpose facility, MPP is seeking to support the preservation and promotion of diverse Pacifi … Read more

Trumponomics : risks to the New Zealand economy - NZIER Insight 65

It looks more likely that Donald Trump could be elected as President of the United States (POTUS). Predictions now give Trump a 20-30% chance of victory, though these numbers are changing daily and who knows what scandals might surface between now and polling day on 8 November. We are … Read more

The myth of the shrinking state? What does the data show about the size of the state in New Zealand?

The paper explores the urban myth that the economic reforms of the late 1980 and 1990s reduced the size of the state. It uses a variety of lenses – the state as taxer, spender, producer, employer, investor, and steward – to assess how the size and shape of the state has changed.   It … Read more

Impact of the Cawthron Institute: economic contribution to Nelson and New Zealand

Report for the Cawthron Institute Read more

The Auckland Māori economy : size, issues and opportunities

The Auckland Māori economy accounts for 4%-5% of the Auckland economy, and 26%-27% of the national Māori economy. The Auckland Māori economy is smaller than might be expected, given that the Māori population accounts for 10% of Aucklanders. Māori GDP per capita is 55%-65% lower than t … Read more

Regional economies : shape, performance and drivers

Divergence and the search for a solution Economic performance is uneven across New Zealand’s regions. For example, there are differences across household incomes, unemployment and population growth in the latest Census. Read more

2013 Western market visitor growth : what explains the increase in advanced-economy visitors?

A report to Tourism New Zealand. International arrivals to New Zealand in 2013 grew at the fastest pace in a decade. Visitor arrivals were up 6.1% boosted by a rebound across several advanced economies and good performance by emerging markets like China. Our analysis shows that New Ze … Read more

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