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The importance of crop protection products for the New Zealand economy

A report for Agcarm. This report highlights the importance of the crop protection industry to New Zealand's economy. It's a small robust industry that has a significant impact on our land-based sectors. Even a small increase in horticultural productivity has a ripple effect in boostin … Read more

The macroeconomic impacts of the One Plan's intensive land use provisions

A report for Horizons Regional Council. Read more

How does the dairy sector share its growth? : An analysis of the flow-on benefits of dairy's revenue generation

A report to Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ). Read more

Quantifying the economic impacts of a Brown Marmorated Stink Bug incursion in New Zealand

NZIER report to Hort NZ. Read more

Plantation forestry statistics : contribution of forestry to New Zealand

NZIER report to New Zealand Forest Growers Association and New Zealand Farm Foresters Association funded by the Forest Growers Levy Trust Read more

Dairy trade's economic contribution to New Zealand

A report for DCANZ. Read more

El Niño: don't scare the cows - NZIER Insight 53

This summer will be a scorcher. MetService is forecasting the most severe El Niño in over 20 years. Past El Niño events have hit farmers hard and tipped New Zealand into recession. But farming today is not the farming of yesteryear and we need to examine local conditions one region at … Read more

Apple industry gained millions through science and marketing - NZIER Insight 36

Consumers, supermarkets and distributors in Germany and the United Kingdom have been demanding reduced chemical use on fruit. The innovative growing programme ‘Apple Futures’ brought scientists and growers together to figure out how to reduce sprays and residues while producing export … Read more

The economic impact of increased irrigation

Read more

Turkey economics - NZIER Insight 10

In the news last week were resource consent applications for 16 intensive dairy farm developments in the South Island’s Mackenzie Basin. These would house nearly 18,000 cows indoors for much of the year in vast stables of “cubicles” or stalls. The government stated that it does not su … Read more

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