Immigration : doing the right thing for the right reasons - NZIER Insight 76

November 8, 2017

The new Government's plans to reduce immigration are a welcome first step towards an immigration system that improves New Zealand's wellbeing, the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research said today.

In this Insight NZIER Principal Economist Peter Wilson and independent economic consultant Julie Fry examine the government's proposals in light of their latest research.

"The new government has the opportunity not just to make short-term changes, but to build an enduring policy regime based on evidence, analysis and clear principles", Peter and Julie said.

Migration policy is not easy, but the gains from getting it right are worth the effort.

"We would encourage the government to develop an underlying migration policy framework that is directed not at short-term population targets or at growing GDP regardless of consequences, but at improving the wellbeing of all New Zealanders, old and new alike".

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