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Agriculture and food and beverage GVC policy considerations: summary report

Two reports for the New Zealand Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (NZPECC). The New Zealand Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (NZPECC) has released two NZIER research reports into Global Value Chains (GVCs) and Global Value Networks. Read more

Water management in New Zealand: A road map for understanding water value - NZIER Working Paper 2014/01

Flexibility, social values key to solving water issues A lack of understanding about the value communities place on water is hampering decision-making, according to a new report from NZIER. Read more

Economics like there's no tomorrow - NZIER Insight 32

Do you get the sense that New Zealand doesn’t invest in the major public infrastructure facilities like we used to? Previous generations built entire networks for rail, road, water and energy. Only Muldoon’s Think Big projects and the current ‘Roads of National Significance’ might com … Read more

Be a whizz at writing a RIS - NZIER Insight 31

Decision makers need information. Whether they are ministers, mayors or corporate execs, all will need to weigh up the costs and benefits of their actions. Advisers and analysts have the role of collating and presenting the necessary information in a snappy and digestible form. In a c … Read more

In defence of foreign investment - NZIER Insight 17

Globalisation does not rest easily with all. Recent public and political outcries over foreign investment in our farms and manufacturing plants attest to this. A recent TV3 poll indicates that over three-quarters of Kiwis want overseas investment rules tightened, and the Prime Ministe … Read more

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