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NZIER Consensus Forecasts show a weaker economic outlook for years beyond 2024 - December 2022

The latest NZIER Consensus Forecasts show a stronger starting point for the New Zealand economy over the coming year but a downward revision for 2025 and 2026.  Although the economy appears resilient despite the sharp rise in interest rates over the past year, expectations that intere … Read more

2022 Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister

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Community pharmaceuticals : Expenditure trends

NZIER report to Medicines New Zealand. Read more

Inflation and rising interest rates remain key headwinds for the economy - Quarterly Predictions, December 2022

New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (Inc) Media Release, 29 November 2022 Read more

Shadow Board recommends another large OCR hike in November to reduce domestic inflation pressures

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Celebrate resilience: supply chains have passed the test - NZIER Insight 104

Under extreme pressure, our supply chains have been winners. But what do we need to do to ensure future resilience? Read more

Rural connectivity: Economic benefits of closing the rural digital divide

Chorus commissioned NZIER to assess the potential benefits of closing the urban-rural digital divide. We consider how digital technology improves how people communicate, work, learn and access services and entertainment. Read more

How big data can be a force for good - NZIER Insight 103

Over the last decade, Stats NZ has developed a powerful tool for policymakers and researchers alike. Known as the Integrated Data Infrastructure or IDI, it draws upon data from across the government and contains de-identified information for people living in New Zealand. Read more

NZIER’s QSBO shows businesses are feeling less downbeat

New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (Inc) Media release, 4 October 2022 Read more

Shadow Board members recommend another 50 basis points increase in October and further tightening necessary

New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (Inc) Media release Read more

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