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Making early intervention work - NZIER Insight 75

It's out with the old and in with the new. National's Social Investment approach is being replaced with a focus on Early Intervention. But the new government's focus should be on using evidence to support timely, if not always early, intervention. The health sector's experience with s … Read more

Peak inequality - New Zealand's own false truth? NZIER Insight 70

Kiwis are increasingly concerned about inequality – paradoxically, inequality has barely changed in 20 years. This Insight is based on new data and shows that despite popular opinion, income inequality in New Zealand hasn't changed in the past 20 years, and it's been at the current … Read more

Defining social investment, Kiwi-style

The current New Zealand Government is following a “social investment” approach to improving the lives of disadvantaged New Zealanders. The background to this approach is widespread agreement that for a small proportion of New Zealanders, improved economic performance has not been refl … Read more

Social investment - new right agenda or new wine in old bottles? NZIER Insight 67

Social investment is the new Prime Minister’s signature policy The Prime Minister, in his first press conference, signalled his commitment to continuing to drive the government’s ‘social investment approach’ and followed this up with the appointment of Amy Adams as the first ever Mini … Read more

A learning system for evidence informed social policy - NZIER Insight 64

Effective social policy and service delivery requires a learning system. Imagine if…New Zealand had an effective learning system to generate and capture evidence to inform spending decisions for social policy. A good learning system will include evidence about ‘doing the right things’ … Read more

The high cost of (not) stopping people getting high - NZIER Insight 61

In this Insight, we bring the techniques of policy analysis to the issue of whether prohibition is the best way to reduce harm from using marijuana. Read more

The state of the state New Zealand 2016: Social investment for our future

A joint report by Deloitte and NZIER. Read more

KiwiSaver and the wealth of New Zealanders : NZIER perspective on the joint agency evaluation report

Since its inception in 2007, KiwiSaver has become by far the most widely-held voluntary private savings vehicle in New Zealand. There are now over 2.5 million individual members in the scheme, and three-quarters of the population aged 18 to 64 are members. Prior to the introduction of … Read more

Hi ho silver lining? What firms need to think about as New Zealand ages

As the population ages, a number of economic trends will emerge that put pressure on profits. On the cost side, an increase in competition for skilled workers will push wages up. Revenue will also be affected as demand shifts in favour of products that older people use and consume. Th … Read more

Golden years? The impacts of New Zealand's ageing on wages, interest rates, wealth and macroeconomy

New Zealand is ageing. The number of old people will increase three-fold and will soon comprise a very large segment of society. Ageing will shrink the labour supply relative to the size of the population and the existing supply of capital. That has implications for wages and interest … Read more

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