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Celebrate resilience: supply chains have passed the test - NZIER Insight 104

Under extreme pressure, our supply chains have been winners. But what do we need to do to ensure future resilience? Read more

Digital trade is the way forward for New Zealand

The introduction of digital trade initiatives as developed by providers such as TradeWindow will have major benefits for New Zealand supply chains. “The NZIER show that the benefits are between $9 and $18 billion over 10 years for those involved in New Zealand export supply chains if … Read more

Southern Link: The potential to develop a global value chain

The Southern link is a trade route that links Asia and South America via New Zealand – it turns what is seemingly a distance challenge for New Zealand into a competitive opportunity. Read more

The trade implications of Mr Biden for New Zealand - NZIER Insight 97

Or what does the Chinese Century mean for New Zealand? The United States has structured world trade over the past 70 years in a way that has been positive for New Zealand. Now that the United States has relinquished its lead trading position, how will Mr Biden behave on trade policy? … Read more

New Zealand's place in the world - NZIER working paper 2021-01

New Zealand's place in the world - including flows in trade, people, capital, and ideas - continues to change. This working paper highlights how some of the long-standing memes, which have dominated the local discourse no longer apply in a post-COVID world. In particular New Zealand's … Read more

What might US Withdrawal from the World Trade Organization (WTO) mean for New Zealand?

Modelling by NZIER suggests that New Zealand medium term exposure to US withdrawal from World Trade Organisation (WTO) is surprisingly limited. We modelled five different scenarios of global and New Zealand responses to the US imposing tariff rates last seen in the great depression. W … Read more

The value of Authorised Economic Operators (AEOs) and Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs)

NZIER prepared two reports for NZCS in March 2019. They showed the benefits of special Customs agreements that facilitate international trade. One report using a literature scan on these agreements globally, highlights benefits that are important but unmeasurable. The companion report … Read more

Distributional aspects of New Zealand's tradable and non-tradable sectors

A report for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Read more

NZIER submission on the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill

NZIER recently made a submission to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee on proposed changes to the Overseas Investment Act to ban foreign buyers of existing New Zealand homes. Read more

China 2.0 - perspectives on China - NZIER Insight 73

China 2.0 - perspectives on China after the 19th Congress of the Communist Party. Read more

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