Latest publications / Sector: Energy

Economic impact of ending new oil and gas exploration permits outside onshore Taranaki : A regional CGE analysis

A report for PEPANZ. Read more

Powerco CPP application: Advice to MEUG for Commerce Commission submission

NZIER report to MEUG. Read more

NZ petrol prices reflect input costs not gouging - NZIER Insight 43

Often motorists complain that petrol companies are quick to raise petrol prices at the pump but then conspire to drop prices slowly when international oil prices fall. Like in any efficient market, changes in the cost of oil - both up and down - should be passed on to consumers rapidl … Read more

No bias in pump price movements up or down - NZIER Insight 29

Petrol prices have been rising in recent weeks. It may feel like petrol prices at the pump move up faster and further than they fall, but we find there is no empirical evidence to support this. Prices fall as quick and as far as they rise when crude oil prices change. Read more

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