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Diversity in economics in Aotearoa New Zealand - NZIER Insight 110

The significance of diversity in economics cannot be overstated. Diversity in sex, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background and various dimensions enhances problem-solving and decision-making by introducing diverse perspectives, experiences and skills. This is important considerin … Read more

Under-served learners: The economic and wellbeing benefits of improving education outcomes

A report for Up Education. Read more

Declining maths scores is a problem for the New Zealand economy - NZIER Insight 98 & 99

New Zealand’s school maths scores are declining. A solution put forward the Royal Society expert panel commissioned to investigate our poor maths performance is an increase in specialist maths skills in the teaching profession. Although the education sector could increase teacher skil … Read more

Independent schools: What would a smart state do? Putting it simply

Independent Schools of New Zealand commissioned NZIER to review the role of the independent schools sector and to review the performance of state system schools. In brief we found that independent schools improve student outcomes with higher PISA scores and NCEA endorsement rates (aro … Read more

No one-size fits all : Driver education in schools

A report for the Ministry of Education. Read more

Analysis of early learning online survey results

A report for the Ministry of Education. Read more

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