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In defence of foreign investment - NZIER Insight 17

Globalisation does not rest easily with all. Recent public and political outcries over foreign investment in our farms and manufacturing plants attest to this. A recent TV3 poll indicates that over three-quarters of Kiwis want overseas investment rules tightened, and the Prime Ministe … Read more

Bolder reforms needed to stop the rot - NZIER Insight 12

Anyone who seriously thinks that the Tax Working Group's (TWG) recommendations are radical needs a reality check. The TWG report is a valuable contribution to the economic debate, and deserves a good airing. But if New Zealand is to close the income gap with Australia, we need to do m … Read more

East Asian economic integration: a shot in the arm for the New Zealand economy - NZIER Insight 11

NZIER economic modelling shows that the New Zealand economy would benefit significantly from being included in a free trade agreement with East Asian countries. An ambitious agreement that covers trade in goods, services, investment and encourages trade facilitation and competition co … Read more

Is there a housing shortage? NZIER Insight 5

Housing has been a key driver of the economy over recent years, both in creating strong growth and the recent recession. Recent house price, house sales and building consents data suggest the cycle is turning up, although there is considerable uncertainty around the sustainability of … Read more

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