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Is dairy our biggest achievement or yesterday's news? NZIER Insight 91

The dairy industry has proved resilient through the COVID crisis. But what of the future? This paper looks at the dairy industry prospects over the next ten years. We find that the most important challenges are domestic supply side issues (conforming to climate change and water qualit … Read more

Land-based industries see New Zealand through tough COVID times - NZIER Insight 90

Covid-19 has changed the trade game that New Zealand plays. With the structure of the New Zealand economy based on our exports the stakes are high. Now that New Zealand has shifted through the lockdown levels and arrived at Alert Level 1, it is a good time to ask why our land-based ex … Read more

Getting the balance right: The effect of water quality proposals on the New Zealand economy

NZIER report to the New Zealand Fish and Game Council, Forest and Bird and Greenpeace. Read more

The macroeconomic impacts of the One Plan's intensive land use provisions

A report for Horizons Regional Council. Read more

How does the dairy sector share its growth? : An analysis of the flow-on benefits of dairy's revenue generation

A report to Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ). Read more

Dairy trade's economic contribution to New Zealand

A report for DCANZ. Read more

El Niño: don't scare the cows - NZIER Insight 53

This summer will be a scorcher. MetService is forecasting the most severe El Niño in over 20 years. Past El Niño events have hit farmers hard and tipped New Zealand into recession. But farming today is not the farming of yesteryear and we need to examine local conditions one region at … Read more

Turkey economics - NZIER Insight 10

In the news last week were resource consent applications for 16 intensive dairy farm developments in the South Island’s Mackenzie Basin. These would house nearly 18,000 cows indoors for much of the year in vast stables of “cubicles” or stalls. The government stated that it does not su … Read more

US and EU dairy subsidies risks - NZIER Insight 1

New dairy subsidies are a worry for New Zealand farmers. Read more

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