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Manaakitanga in the age of COVID

Thousands of short-term migrants are trapped in New Zealand due to COVID-19. A series of ad hoc extensions to their visas have allowed them to stay. The Government should apply principles of manaakitanga – hospitality, kindness, generosity, support – and issue these people with a one- … Read more

Picking cherries: Evidence on the effects of temporary and seasonal migrants on the New Zealand economy

A report for the New Zealand Productivity Commission. Read more

Migration after COVID-19 - NZIER Insight 89

New Zealand has put up a 'no entry' sign. As well as stopping international tourism; we have turned off historically high rates of inward economic migration, forgoing what has been at best a small positive impact on GDP per capita. New Zealand closed the border in response to Covid-19 … Read more

Pandemic uncertainty: NZIER points to key planning issues - NZIER Insight 85

New Zealand is approaching the end of the planned four-week lockdown which has brought about significant economic losses and, it appears, significant benefits in the form of lives saved. As the country now looks toward a relaxing of the COVID-19 Alert level and an uncertain future, we … Read more

Estimating demand for competition analysis: A statistical exploration, and some possible applications

A report for Productivity Hub by NZIER, with the assistance of Cognitus Economic Insight. Read more

New Zealand's pandemic response: Best practice or just a practice run? NZIER Insight 84

Using evidence from health and economic literature, health economists Sarah Hogan and Todd Krieble find that New Zealand should do more to prepare for pandemics and assist the Pacific Islands. New Zealand should not rely on travel bans which are likely to be ineffective. Read more

Impacts of local alcohol policies – Analysis of changes in spending at venues selling alcohol

A report for the Health Promotion Agency. Read more

Clear as mud? Water is under pressure - NZIER Insight 78

As part of NZIER’s 60th birthday celebrations, the NZIER undertook with its own resources research to further understand New Zealanders concerns about water quality and found that river visibility (water clarity) was most valued by Kiwis. Read more

The Fiscal Responsibility Act 1994: The astonishing success of a weak non-binding policy

The Fiscal Responsibility Act 1994 (FRA) shouldn’t have worked to cement fiscal discipline into the New Zealand budgeting practices, the wider political discourse and become part of New Zealand’s constitution. Read more

Managing our fresh water: what are the options?

Presentation at NZIER’s 60th anniversary event,14 November 2018. Read more

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