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Incentivising resilience to adverse climate change events - NZIER Insight 109

This Insight underscores the significance of promoting a standardised method for assessing the costs associated with climate change-induced weather events. Adopting a consistent approach is deemed critical for developing effective strategies that facilitate the comparison of resilienc … Read more

How congruent is Budget 2023 with New Zealand’s climate commitments? NZIER Insight 108

In this Insight, we assess the degree to which Budget 2023 is consistent with New Zealand’s climate change commitments. This initial approach includes central government budget spending, tax expenditure and any major regulatory changes. We intend it to be an annual exercise, with our … Read more

Four ways to improve climate change policy and why - NZIER Insight 106

Climate change is becoming more apparent in the recent succession of major adverse weather events, and New Zealand’s policy on climate change has also stepped up a gear after decades of apparently minimal activity. Looking at the nature of the climate change challenge, the economics o … Read more

Fast-forwarding technology to address climate change - NZIER Insight 100

New Zealand has committed to reducing carbon emissions and working with other countries to avert the worst impacts of climate change. How the country intends to do this is not clear. Read more

Tourism recovery - without stepping on the gas - NZIER Insight 95

With borders closed for the foreseeable future New Zealand tourism is facing a loss of substantial revenue from the lack of foreign visitors, who would usually maintain demand for tourism businesses after the end of the peak summer holidays for domestic tourists. But after the COVID-1 … Read more

Economic impact analysis of 2050 emissions targets : A dynamic Computable General Equilibrium analysis

A report for the Ministry for the Environment. Read more

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