Latest publications / Sector: Arts heritage and media

A landmark reborn: The value of Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Limited (CCRL) commissioned NZIER to estimate the total economic value of reinstating Christ Church Cathedral and make the case for further investment. In this report, we identify, quantify and monetise the benefits of reinstating Christ Church Ca … Read more

The economic contribution of the screen industry: 2017 update

A report to New Zealand Film Commission, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, New Zealand On Air, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development, Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency. Read more

Pacific Cultural Centre feasibility study

The Ministry of Pacific Peoples (MPP) wishes to explore the feasibility of establishing a dedicated multi-purpose Pacific Culture Centre (PCC) facility in Auckland. Through such a viable multi-purpose facility, MPP is seeking to support the preservation and promotion of diverse Pacifi … Read more

How would you spend a half-billion dollars on arts, culture and heritage? NZIER Insight 58

The government spends a half billion dollars on arts, culture and heritage each year but has little indication of what the public actually wants from public expenditure. At present mainly 'experts' decide what cultural goods and services should be supplied from the public purse. Read more

The creative sector in New Zealand - mapping and economic role

This report presents an analysis of the creative sector in New Zealand, applying the methodology that the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) calls the Creative Trident to New Zealand data. The objective is to see how much it r … Read more

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