Ki te kotahi te kakaho ka whati, Ki te kapuia e kore e whati: The case for more devolved social services in Te Tairāwhiti

January 18, 2023

We have known for decades that many people in Aotearoa New Zealand experience persistent disadvantage. Addressing disadvantage should be a priority for the government: to improve the lives of the people affected, meet its obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and lay the foundations for improved economic performance and wellbeing in Aotearoa over time. 

Governments face a choice. Continuing to deliver services that demonstrably do not work is a waste of resources. But the new ways of working that are being developed in response to the failure of conventional services to create meaningful change for people experiencing persistent disadvantage are works in progress. While experimenting with new approaches does involve greater risk, in our view, it is the only responsible approach given the failure of standard services to improve people’s lives.

Manaaki Tairāwhiti commissioned NZIER to investigate the case for more devolution of social services away from central government provision.

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