April 17, 2020

Dear members, clients and stakeholders of NZIER

Given the developing nature of the Covid-19 situation, I want to provide you with some information about what NZIER is doing. Our prime objective is to make sure that our employees, members, clients and other stakeholders are safe and well and receiving the support they need.

NZIER remains open for business and we will continue to serve our clients and members and deliver projects on time, but with some restrictions on face-to-face meetings and changes to business practices.

This means:

  • our offices remain open for now, with all NZIER staff able to work from home seamlessly using our cloud and remote systems.
  • we are moving in-person meetings to virtual meetings using Zoom, Teams and Skype.
  • the QSBO lockup on 7 April and our quarterly economic briefings in May could become online-only events. More details to follow on this.
  • there will be no Shadow Board publication on 25 March

We expect to continue to operate with little disruption, with our staff working from home as needed using our cloud and remote systems that enable our teams to work together remotely.

We will update our response as needed as the situation develops. Thank you for your valued support and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about active projects or workstreams.

Kind regards
Laurence Kubiak
Chief Executive