Bill Kaye-Blake

Bill Kaye-Blake

Principal Economist

Bill has undertaken research and consulting for over 25 years. He understands how to identify an issue and scope a project to investigate it. He focuses on developing new knowledge and understanding, and he takes a pragmatic approach to using economic tools and methods. He works on short-term projects and long-term research programmes, tailoring the approach to the client's needs and resources.

Published articles and books

Cong, L., Mirosa, M., Kaye-Blake, W., & Bremer, P. (2020). Immune-Boosting Functional Foods: A Potential Remedy for Chinese Consumers Living Under Polluted Air. Business and Management Studies, 6(1), 12-27. 

Brown, M., Kaye-Blake, B., & Payne, P. (Eds.). (2019). Heartland strong: How rural New Zealand can change and thrive. Massey University Press.

Payne, P. R., Kaye-Blake, W. H., Stirrat, K. A., Ellison, R. A., Smith, M. J., & Brown, M. (2019). Identifying resilience dimensions and thresholds: evidence from four rural communities in New Zealand. Resilience, 7(2), 149-171.

Kaye-Blake, W., Stirrat, K., Smith, M., & Fielke, S. (2019). Testing indicators of resilience for rural communities. Rural Society, 28(2), 161-179.

Kaye-Blake, W., Schilling, C., Monaghan, R., Vibart, R., Dennis, S., & Post, E. (2019). Quantification of environmental-economic trade-offs in nutrient management policies. Agricultural Systems, 173, 458-468.

Fielke, S. J., Kaye-Blake, W., Mackay, A., Smith, W., Rendel, J., & Dominati, E. (2018). Learning from resilience research: Findings from four projects in New Zealand. Land Use Policy, 70, 322-333.

Bewsell, D., Mackay, A., Kaye-Blake, W., Dynes, R., Montes de Oca Munguia, O., & Brown, M. (2017). Collaborative processes for exploring rural futures: The Exploring Futures Platform. Rural Society, 26(1), 48-68.

Baillie, S., Kaye-Blake, W., Smale, P., & Dennis, S. (2016). Simulation modelling to investigate nutrient loss mitigation practices. Agricultural Water Management, 177, 221-228.

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