The Development of Regulatory management systems in East Asia: deconstruction, insights and fostering ASEAN's quiet revolution: the ERIA / NZIER study

August 3, 2016

Co-author Ponciano Intal, Jr. (ERIA)

ERIA Research Project Report 2015-3

This report presents the main research findings and policy implications of a project that focused on ‘what works’ to make regulatory management regimes successful.  Regulatory management systems refer to the special measures a number of countries have adopted to improve the quality of the stock and flow of regulation Specifically, the research focused on:

  • What are the common elements of RMSs and
  • Which elements of RMSs generate the most value?

NZIER joined with the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) to undertake a comparative study of regulatory management in countries in the East Asia and Pacific region. The project was sponsored by the Governments of Malaysia and New Zealand.

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The second volume includes a the technical paper that defines and explores the elements of  Regulatory Management Systems as well as individual country studies for nine countries in the Asian Pacific Region - Australia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, and Viet Nam. These country studies review the country’s regulatory management system as well as providing case studies of both successful and unsuccessful regulatory reforms.

The Development of Regulatory Management Systems in East Asia: Country Studies
Edited by Ponciano Intal, Jr. and Derek Gill
ERIA Research Project Report 2015-4